No ImageSnip Doodles (Snickerdoodle Coffee Cake) + First Look at BraveTart Cookbook

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  1. hales

    Can you use brown sugar instead of white sugar?

  2. Taylor

    I used 1/2 tsp table salt, but it wasn’t quite enough. I will use kosher if I ever make again. Cake was tender, but the flavor was lacking a bit. Could be the salt issue though. Mine was done in 22 minutes. The best part is the edges and top of cake where the cinnamon and sugar form a crispy crust.


  3. Rachel

    Made this last night with vegetable oil instead of coconut and it worked out fine! It was very light and fluffy and I loved the crunchy topping.


  4. Stefano Martinez

    Hi most excellent recipe. It is easy and vegetable oil works too. It’s different but still good to me anyways. I love this site. So many recipes, wish I would have stayed in culinary school but it’s good. I still love cooking at home for the family and friends.

  5. Paula Schenimann

    My youngest grandson and I made this today after school. We had to bake it an extra 8 minutes which is unusual because I generally have to take things out early. It is delish. Even my grandson loves it. We will make it again very soon. ***** 5 stars.


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