Snowman Chocolate Icebox Cake

For best success when whipping cream, chill the beater and the bowl ahead of time. Did you forget? Fill the bowl with ice water and place the beaters in it. Swirl it around for a few seconds, drain, and dry the bowl.

You can design this cake any size you want. Just cut the circle guides to fit your serving plate.

If you prefer, you can assemble this icebox cake in loaf pans lined with plastic wrap. When ready to serve, turn them out onto a platter and cover with whipped cream.

  • Prep time: 30 minutes
  • Chilling time: 4 hours
  • Yield: About 12 servings


  • 4 cups heavy whipping cream
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 3 (9-ounce) packages chocolate wafer cookies (I like Nabisco Chocolate Wafers)
  • Candy for decorations, such as peppermint sticks, Dots, mini-marshmallows, licorice sticks, Junior Mints, and pretzel logs

Special equipment:


1 Cut parchment circles for guides: Cut 1 6-inch circle and 1 8-inch circle out of baker’s parchment. Place them on a platter with the small one on top and the bottom directly underneath.

Snowman Chocolate Icebox Cake

 2 Whip the cream: In a chilled mixer bowl with chilled beaters, beat the cream, sugar and vanilla until soft peaks form. Be careful not to over whip.

Place a small dab of whipped cream beneath each parchment paper circle on your plater to hold them in place.

Snowman Chocolate Icebox Cake

3 Make the cookie stacks and arrange them on the platter: Spread about a teaspoon of whipped cream on each cookie. Stack 4 to 5 cookies together and set them, standing upright on their edges, on the edge of one circle (see photo, below). Continue to sandwich the cookies and stack them all around the circle and in the middle until the circle is covered. Repeat process to assemble the second circle.

Snowman Chocolate Icebox Cake Snowman Chocolate Icebox Cake Snowman Chocolate Icebox Cake

4 Ice the cake with the remaining whipped cream: Use a spatula to spread the cream on the tops and sides of the circles to make the snowman/woman/person.

5 Refrigerate the cake: Chill the cake for at least 4 hours or overnight.

6 Decorate the cake with candies: Decorate the cake shortly before serving, especially if you are using candy that might soften or bleed color into the whipped cream as it sits (like dots or some hard candies).

Snowman Chocolate Icebox Cake

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  • Lisa Lee

    Sorry, forgot to ask about the nose. I initially thought it was a Dot, but it looks bigger which I think looks good and more proportional. Thanks for the ideas!

  • Lisa Lee

    Thank you! We’re going to try this for her winter themed birthday cake.

  • Lisa Lee

    This is so cute. What did you use for the cheeks and the mouth? We’re thinking of using this for my daughter’s ninth birthday cake in a few weeks. Thank you!

    • Sally

      I used life-saver shaped gummy candies and gum drops (both from Whole Foods) I made a cut in one of the candies to make the mouth, and I placed a gumdrop on top of 2 of them to make the cheeks. I used licorice sticks for the hat. You can go crazy with these–so much fun! Have a great celebration. Sally