No ImageSoba Noodle Bowls with Spinach and Poached Eggs

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  1. Sandy S

    So good! And easy! Love the info about storing poached eggs in the fridge to be warmed-up when serving.


  2. Dave

    This recipe looks awesome and there are so many proteins you could add to it. I have started adding some umami to my stocks for any noddle by adding a mixture of soy, hoisin, a little oyster sauce and a sheet of kombu. It takes an ordinary stock and makes it taste like you have spent hours developing flavor. If you like a fatty stock like is common in some Ramens add a tbsp or two if bacon grease or duck fat or schmaltz. Home run every time!

  3. Deborah


  4. Deborah

    Nutrition facts please

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  5. Venetta

    I made this quickly for dinner last night, but instead of poaching, I gently fried the eggs over easy. What a comforting meal! I’ll follow these instructions for poaching this weekend!

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