No ImageNo Fail, Sour Cream Pie Crust

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  1. Syndi

    Love this recipe. So easy . Taste amazing ❤❤❤. Definitely making this my all time favorite..


  2. Baking Mom

    Perfect! Absolutely perfect.


  3. Janice

    This pie crust was a huge disappointment. Between all the chilling and softening and freezing (I needed a prebaked shell) and then baking, I spent 3 hours making a pie crust that tasted not one bit better than the ones I make with Crisco in 30 minutes. Not a good choice for those of us who don’t enjoy spending the entire day preparing one item.


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  4. Mellany

    Ok.. so, I’m a baker. I literally own and run a bakery. The ONE thing iv never been able to make exactly how id like is pie dough. Until this recipe. I made a double batch, made 2 huckleberry pies, for a customer, and froze the remaining (roughly) 1/4. I didn’t get to eat any myself, but they RAVED about it! 2 weeks later I pulled the remainder out & baked mini huckleberry Apple pies for my boys & myself. Holy smokes. It’s PERFECTION!!! No joke, hands down, the BEST (and easy, might I add..) pie crust iv ever eaten. THANK YOU PIE GODS!! Thaaaank you! Game changer!


  5. Mellyn

    This was SO easy and delicious, I was thrilled!
    I usually buy pie dough, but never again!


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