No ImageSous Vide Beef Tenderloin with Port Wine and Garlic

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  1. Olenka

    Be aware – the temperatures provided are for the big chunk of roast, not individual filet mignon cuts. For individual portions use Joule Sous Vide guide: “If you prefer your steak rare, simply set your sous vide device to 126 °F / 52 °C , 129 °F medium rare, for a medium steak, try 133 °F / 56 °C, while 140 °F / 60 °C is the choice for lovers of medium-well steak.” And I usually cook mine depending on the thickness: 0.75 inch – 45 min, 1 inch – 1 hour, 1.5 inches – 1.5 hours, 2 inches – 2 hours. These are Joule guides and when followed my steak always comes out perfect. My favorite is rare to medium rare.

  2. Melissa Holton

    I have made this several times! It is my go to for impressing guest with little effort! I have my butcher trim and tie and then they will even made hamburger out of the trimmings!


  3. Kathleen

    The temperature was wrong. 140 for medium rare at 2.5 hrs produced a well done tenderloin. While favor was still good, it was a very expensive cut of meat to eat well done. Not a touch of pink. Very disappointed. Will cook at 133 going forward.

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  4. Steve

    Hi Emma. I have 6.5 lb beef tenderloin and I am wondering about the cooking temperature and time for such a large piece of meat? Also, should I triple the rest of the ingredients since my tenderloin is approximately 3 times the size listed in your ingredients?


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  5. Mindy

    This recipe was amazing!! Made this for a dinner party and everyone loved it. And the sauce was so good you could drink it! Definitely keeping this one and highly suggest trying it out! Thank you for sharing!


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