No ImageSous Vide Cheesecake in Jars

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  1. Jeanne

    Love this blog and I continue to cook some great dishes from it. Nick Evans’ recipes are, in my experience, reliably good. While I love the idea of expanding my cooking horizons with a “Sous Vide” method of making cheesecake I am reluctant to buy a new piece of equipment to accomplish the task. Is there a another way to achieve this recipe without buying a pump? Your input would be appreciated.

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  2. Cassandra

    This was delicious, more of a cheesecake mousse than a firm cheesecake but flavor is great. I added some grated lemon and orange zest. yum. I took a couple of jars to work to get opinion and they raved.
    However, leaving any room in top of jar may make jar float, which is not what you want. Yes it will cook but could be sideways in the jar. So you may have to weight the jars (don’t think of putting weight on top of jars in cooker—they will float the weight off) but attach a weight to jar somehow. or fill the jar completely to the top. filling jar makes a big portion and no room for fruit or sauce—unless you eat some of the cheesecake first.


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  3. Patrick

    Used heavy cream instead of buttermilk..turned out excellent


  4. DeMarie Rossi

    The recipe is great – but you really need to stress that the jars should only be fingertip tight – which means tightening the lid with your fingertips only – once you feel resistance, use your fingertips to do a slight reverse then do a slight tightening back – fingertips only- this ensures the jar is tight enough to keep water out and loose enough to let air escape. If you tighten to much your jars can crack or worse. So use a light touch!


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  5. SJ

    If I want to make smaller jars (4oz) do I need to adjust the Sous Vide time?

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