No ImageSous Vide Teriyaki Salmon

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  1. Janel

    How do you use this recipe if you start with frozen vacuum packed Salmon?

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  2. Randy

    I followed the recipe and the salmon turned out soft and mushy. Temp too low? Other recipes I’ve seen for salmon use 130 degrees. It was not appealing.

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  3. Carrie Havranek

    This looks great! Sous vide for the masses!

  4. bodrum gezilecek yerler

    I want to this :) Thanks :)

  5. Susan

    Who needs more ways to add plastic to our ecosystem and who needs to risk releasing toxic chemicals into their food if the temp goes too high? Food storage bags are not regulated by the FDA for safe cooking as other food containers are. This registered dietitian will NOT be trying this. I’ll stick to baking salmon in parchment paper.

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