No ImageSouthern Cornbread

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  1. Jeffery Hunt

    Being from Alabama, I can attest your recipe and tips are exactly right, except for this: don’t let it rest. Flip it immediately onto a plate, cut it into slices, split the slices, and butter them. Serve.

    After supper, crumble a leftover piece or two into a bowl and add milk or buttermilk and have the best bowl of cereal you’ve ever tasted.

  2. gbc

    This recipe reminds me of Georgia. It should have turned out delicious (no sugar) and it looked exactly like the photo, so where did I go wrong? Maybe the flour brand, the corn meal brand, the butter, the bacon? I must say that I quit baking after Red Band flour was no longer available and of course my taste buds are not as sharp as they used to be.

    Would someone please share with me the brands used for this recipe and and if you use straight corn meal, so I can have another go at it. Thank you!


  3. Kimberly

    This is my GO TO recipe for cornbread now! It is moist and loaded with flavor. It pairs nicely with pinto beans,fresh onion, and chow chow. It is also delicious heated up with real butter spread on it for a treat. Thank you for this recipe!


  4. Mark

    WinCo in CA has Martha White bolted cornmeal, works well in this recipe Without flour and sugar, not crumbly.

  5. sln

    I just made this recipe, using the flour and sugar since I’m a midwesterner and thought I’d creep up to Southern cornbread slowly. Instead of using bacon fat, I poured some oil into the pan while it heated and, following others’ suggestions, then poured it into the batter. I also put in an extra splash of buttermilk since I was concerned it would be dry. Used Red Mill yellow cornmeal. Wow, this is really delicious, and although the texture is crumbly it held together just fine; I can pick up a slice and just eat it, which I had to do because it is irresistible. The strong corn flavor makes this midwestern gal’s heart happy. Next time I’ll be brave and make it real Southern style.


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