No ImageSouthern Style Collard Greens

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  1. Breanna

    I used this recipe the first time I ever made greens and I’ve NEVER been a fan of greens until I made them like this and time and time again they’re always delicious and never last long. lol


  2. Dianne Monderewicz

    I love collards but the collards tonight were a bust!!! Tough! Even though they were simmered more than 2 hours! Tasteless! And they looked so good – all young, small leaves – none bigger than a small pot holder. It’s late July so they haven’t had the kiss of frost… what went wrong?

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  3. Ker

    This was my first time making collard greens and I have had them many time in many regions and these were by far the best I’ve ever had! I had 6 people over for dinner and they were gone immediately with everyone going in for serving after serving with rave reviews!


  4. Deborah

    I love this recipe! I added a jalapeno or whatever pepper you want to use. I have used habanero in it. After my collards get done is roughly chop cabbage and cook in with it for a few minutes and I smoke Mexican cornbread. It is awesome! thank you so much for the recipe!

  5. jim

    i do the same with collards but always finish them
    in a cast iron frying pan with a little sugar and fatback grease

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