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  1. Douglas

    Elise, I have been following you and tweeting out your recipes for a little while now. I am very impressed with your work. All your recipes have been delicious. This one is no different. Mayo can be very fatty and I am not a fan of too much fat on a warm summer’s day. Your recipe without mayo makes this very refreshing. So light and delicate when I paired it with a ribeye. Delicate enough to feel a lot better about pairing with country style potatoes as well. I am a really big fan of your work. Even though I am doing all this for a college class, I plan to keep on following your recipes.


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  2. thuy "T"

    Ok this is may sound weird but my Vietnamese Mother has made this “coleslaw” all my life (minus the radish). We eat it with plain white rice and any kind of salty meat- chicken or pork cooked with fish sauce. the combo is delicious and the rice balances out the flavors!

  3. Kate

    I often use rice vinegar as a base for coleslaw — it’s great with some fresh ginger and toasted sesame seeds to make an Asian style coleslaw that’s especially nice with seafood. I’ve never thought to use it with a southwestern dish before, although my grandmother hates tart things and puts rice vinegar in all her salad dressings.

    Does adding sugar to the plain rice vinegar really make it taste like seasoned? I’ve always added mirin.

  4. Kitty

    I make a similar Mexican coleslaw using cabbage, shredded carrot, shredded jicima, jalapeno, and cilantro. The dressing is lime juice, a little orange juice, olive oil, garlic, and cumin. Absolutely delicious!

  5. melissa

    Made this coleslaw last night and loved it. You’d really be missing out if you didn’t add in the cilantro – it’s what makes this salad stand out! Definitely a new favorite – even won over my picky boyfriend!


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