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  1. DebSG

    Holy Cow. This is amazing. We had a working lunch at the office last week and a co-worker ordered- in from a local restaurant. She raved about this dish made with zucchini noodles, Romesco Sauce and topped with a little feta. I’d never heard of Romesco Sauce and was blown away once I tried it. I simply had to find a way to replicate the dish at home . Of course, I consulted my go-to recipe site – <3 Simply Recipes – and found this version. It was so easy to make (eh, a couple extra dishes to clean up, but worth it) and just as delicious as the local restaurant's take. Bring on the superlatives!


  2. dana

    I love this recipe, and have made it many times, most recently yesterday, when I mixed it with whole wheat fusilli and some caramelized onions to bring to a party. Everyone really liked it – thanks again!

  3. candace Jurado

    I am in love this version of romesco! I made your roasted chicken and carrots recipe for dinner and am using the left-over meat to make sandwiches slathered in romesco with provolone cheese, arugula, and avocado! Yum! Suzanne Goin also has a different version of this recipe in her cookbook Sunday Suppers At Luques in which Ancho chilies are used in place of the roasted red peppers, she adds parsley and lemon juice, it makes a spicier version that is perfect on roasted potatoes and eggs! I will enjoy having both versions in my recipe quiver indefinitely!


  4. Patricia

    I make your romescu recipe every week, and if it was up to my husband even more often. He’s from Barcelona and when I tried it first he liked it but he said it was not the same. I kept making it until I got the hang of it and now is a must on our table. All of my friends have asked for the recipe every time I take it to a party. And now even my mother in law, who is also from Barcelona! THANK YOU!

  5. susan

    FYI Italian Romanesco Sauce has anchovies in it, whereas this one doesn’t. The Italian one is to die for. Maybe I’ll add anchovies, heh?

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