No ImageSpicy Chicken Drumsticks

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  1. Elise Bauer

    Ah, broiler pan versus roasting pan. A broiling pan has very low sides, and a perforated insert so that the drippings run off to the pan below. See this broiler pan set for an example.

    A roasting pan is typically high sided with a rack inside as per this example.

    Broiler pans are designed to be able to endure the high heat (upwards of 500°F) of the broiler element, so they won’t warp. They also allow air flow from side to side.

  2. Alanna

    Jenny ~ re the ‘broiler’, I don’t know what you’d call it but a broiler is inside the oven, mine’s on the top but I think I’ve read some are on the bottom, too. It provides very intense direct heat but is still inside the oven. I heard someone recently refer to it an ‘inside grill’ (which means I may never light the ‘outside grill’ on the patio again!). It’s very, very hot and at least on my oven, has a different control than say, the settings for baking. It’s great to use the broiler for lamb chops (or Elise’s chicken legs!!) or some times you’ll finish off a gratin, say, under the broiler (after it’s cooked with standard oven heat) to brown a bit of cheese on top, etc. Hope this indirect explanation helps!

  3. alamobecky

    Wow — I think I’ll make this for poker night with the girls later this month. Any suggestions on make-ahead accompaniments?

  4. jonathan

    Yah Mon! Love ‘dat jerk chicken. But, you do have to use that scotch bonnet for authenticity (yikes! they’re hot! go half-sies!). And how appropriate on the anniversary (02/06/07) of what would’ve been Bob Marley’s 62nd birthday. For full effect, throw on your favorite reggae tunes and wash this spicy Jamaican treat down with a Red Stripe lager. No problem, Mon!

  5. lydia

    Everything, even the lowly drumstick, tastes better with chile paste. In my house, that habanero would be required!

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