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  1. Debs

    These are my go-to corn fritters, always. I love that there is more flavour in them with the spices. I just add sourcream and sweet chilli sauce to them rather than the dipping sauce.

  2. mish

    I’m about to make these. Is it ok to substitute whole wheat flour for the regular flour? Would any alterations to the recipe need to be made if I do?

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Mish, I haven’t made these with whole wheat flour but if you do, please let us know how it works for you!

  3. Tania

    hmm I’ve made these now (New Zealand time), and I had to check back to see if anyone had actually MADE them as – so many comments on food blogs are: “ooo these look great” but has anyone actually made them? It appears so. Mine are a disaster, taste like flour, not enough liquid, they don’t stay in a fritter shape, first recipe I’ve tried off this blog after Smitten Kitchen linked it to something else but what a dud :(

  4. Stephanie

    Accidentally put twice as much flower in (thankfully I had enough of the other ingredients so i could double them) But they taste great! So far it’s taking a little longer to cook than listed for me (possibly didn’t have it on a high enough heat) But they are wonderful, as is the sauce!
    I’m not even finished cooking them, but I liked them so much I knew I needed to comment before I forgot!

  5. Lily

    We fried half, did half on the griddle, and the griddle worked very well! In case someone wants a guilt-free version. Even the pickiest kid liked these, but we did leave out the spice for their version.

  6. JessicaD

    My husband says these are now in the ‘favourite dinners’ category. Used half rice flour since we had it on hand. Also used jalapeno in the dipping sauce, which was excellent. I had thought about just using some bottled sweet chilli sauce that we already had, but I’m glad I made the effort. Good to know we can use the chilli flakes when we don’t have jalapeno. I served these with golden-crusted brussels sprouts from 101 cookbooks and some harissa-spiced buttered couscous for a delicious meatless dinner. Tip on a quick defrost: turn on your kettle and pour the boiling water over the corn in a sieve.

  7. Rosi

    Tried these several times now and they are fantastic. Just served them again on the weekend as an accompaniment to paella and everyone loved them. Had 3 requests for the recipe.

  8. Antony

    I had a bunch of leftover corn scraped off the cob and gave this recipe a try. They came out awesome: my roommate and my coworkers all agree!

    I made some of my own substitutions/changes:

    – leeks instead of scallions
    – added 1 teaspoon of cayenne
    – used refined safflower oil in a cast iron skillet. This combination is hot hot hot! I got a nice crust on the fritters within 1-2 minutes, which is great as I didn’t want the fritters to be soaking in the oil. I used a strainer as a pseudo splatter guard, but still got hit a couple of times with hot oil. Be careful!

    Finally, the sauce was so simple yet it got raves.

    Thanks Elise!

  9. Jess

    Made these as fritters and they were good, but the oil overpowered the fresh taste of the corn and it wasn’t quite was I was hoping for. So, I took the leftover batter and cooked it on a griddle into corn-pancakes. They turned out delicious! Lower fat, lighter texture, and the sweet chili sauce worked like maple syrup.

  10. Lauren Alexander


    I have made these two times now! My eight year old really loves them. She calls them corn burgers. YUM!

  11. eredeti

    WOW! I just finished the dipping sauce and it is amazing! I only wish I had made more of it since I am taking these to a potluck tomorrow. If the fritters are anywhere close to being as tasty as the dipping sauce, I think I will need to double (or triple!) this recipe. Thanks so much Elise, I am so grateful I stumbled across your blog. So far all the recipes I have tried have worked perfectly and impressed both family and friends.

  12. ohdonna

    Oh my! These were unbelievably wonderful!! Elise, I haven’t had one recipe from your site that hasn’t wowed me. My husband doesn’t even like cilantro and couldn’t stop eating them. I had to make some substitutions because I didn’t have everything on hand. Onions instead of scallions; no coriander, so I used extra cumin; corn was already cooked – leftover on the cob; white distilled vinegar instead of rice vinegar. Can’t wait to make it again with all the right ingredients!

  13. Tara

    Mmm… I’ve just moved out on my own and started cooking. After epically failing at trying to make the chicken curry, I attempted these this afternoon. Soooo good and easy to cook! I love the sauce, too! Thanks!

  14. katie

    My roommate recently became vegetarian and she was having a hard time adjusting. I made these and she absolutely loved them. Thank you!

  15. joe

    Are you suppose to cook the corn first?

    No. ~Elise

  16. Patricia

    Made this for dinner tonight, out of desperation, because the corn I bought 2 days ago was tasteless by the time I cooked it this afternoon. Went to your site which I have used before. They were a HUGE hit…the men in the family were especially happy. What would have been a corn on the cob disaster was turned into a delightful side to bbq spare ribs with all the trimmings. Thanks, Elise, you’re a dinner saver!

  17. Andi

    Had these for lunch today and they were great, especially the dipping sauce. Subbed white wine vinegar b/c I was out of rice wine vinegar and red onion for scallions but still thought it tasted great, will def make these again, they’re so easy to whip up.

  18. SChristian

    This is one recipe which I’ve tried at different ocassions and has been a hit every single time. The sauce is delicious and a great compliment to the fritters.

  19. Beth

    These are so delicious and the sauce is a perfect complement. I made large fritters and placed broiler salmon on top and the sauce over the fish. Seriously good stuff!

  20. athina levesque

    Elise, I was resistant to use your recipe for the dipping sauce, but then I thought, you’ve NEVER steered me wrong- with any recipe- so I went ahead and made the fritters tonight, with the suggested sauce…why would I ever doubt you? The sauce was delicious, and a wonderful compliment to the fritters.I can’t imagine another sauce working as well with them.Thanks again for another wonderful recipe!!

  21. athina levesque

    These sound/look great. I plan on making them tomorrow night as a side with burgers. Can you suggest an alternative dipping sauce with these?

    If you have a favorite dipping sauce, use that. I don’t have one other than this one to recommend, but if you use a different sauce that you like, please do tell us about it. ~Elise

  22. Katrina

    Forgot to add that I also fried the corn fritters in PAM, for less calories yet. If you keep the lid on the frying pan, they don’t dry out at all and are wonderful without the grease!!!

  23. Katrina

    These fritters are great!! I served them with a mayo/lime juice & zest/garlic/red onion/pepper salsa. I use the low fat mayo and so it is pretty low in cals. This is also delicious on pork and as a substitute for tartar sauce on fish……

  24. Nabeela

    I made this today and we LOVED IT!! Thank you for posting this wonderful recipe.

  25. Christy

    Is there a way to make these without the egg? What could be substituted?


  26. Betsy

    Oh! These fritters make my family roar like lions! “we want more” is all I hear!

  27. Ingrid Blum

    These are ridiculously good corn fritters!

  28. Christine

    These were absolutely delicious! My husband wants me to add some chopped chile peppers to the fritters next time.


  29. Amy

    Made these last weekend and they were just terrific! The frying is a bit labor intensive, but well worth the effort. I doubled the recipe, thinking we’d have some left over, but they were so good that our dinner guests devoured them all!

  30. beth

    Made these, LOVED these. So fantastic, thanks for yet another great recipe.


  31. Lisa

    I laughed when I read the last posting – I made these last night as well – also no scallions, substituted onions – and I added a little jalapeno and cerrano chile. I used red corn instead of yellow from our garden. They were FANTASTIC – quite the hit. The sauce was great too – and so EASY to make. I think I will use it for other recipres…. Thanks!

  32. Dev

    I made these fritters last night and they were delicious! I realized too late that I did not have any scallions so I substituted some chopped red onions and it worked quite well. I think next time I will make it even spicier with some cayenne or chopped jalapeno peppers (my husband and I are South Asian so we love things spicy!). We ate these with sour cream rather than the sauce in the recipe.

  33. Stacy

    I made these fritters tonight. I’m now in love with a spicy corn fritter. Yummy!

  34. Kate

    I made just the fritters over the weekend and served them as alongside gazpacho. It was delicious, a perfect combination. I might make them even spicier next time and serve with some guacamole!

  35. jill

    I made a gluten-free version of this:
    posted here
    but, I wish I had cilantro and onion. next time!!
    this was delicious, thanks!!!!

  36. Amber

    These were DELICIOUS. I made them for me and the fiance last night, and he loved them. One warning about the sauce … it didn’t look “syrupy” enough, so we kept boiling it down for another 3 to 4 minutes. What I didn’t realize is that it really thickens up once it sits for a while, and had to be really thinned down. My mistake, of course – but a warning to others who might take descriptions literally. LOVELY overall – will definitely make again.

  37. Geoff

    These sound incredible….Except that I can’t go near Cumin. Knowing that Cumin and Corriander are likely to provide a taste combo, can anyone think of something that might work in lieu of Cumin? Thanks in Advance, and thanks to Elise – your blog is the bestest!

  38. Elise

    Hi Sarah – I think rice flour will work as a substitute. Reid’s Indonesian corn fritters (see link in recipe) use rice flour. You might also try a gluten-free flour mix. Bob’s Red Mill is makes an excellent gluten-free mix which we use.

    Hi Anna – You can add a little water to the sauce to make it less thick.

  39. Sarah

    I wonder if there is a way to make these gluten-free (I have a daughter with Celiac Disease and she LOVES corn). Would substituting corn starch or potato starch flour for the regular flour work? I have a feeling rice flour wouldn’t bind well enough.

  40. anna

    I made these last night, but wasn’t crazy about the sauce. They thickened to be like caramel and was sticky. The recepie looks better than it is.

  41. Steph

    I made this 3 days ago and am making it again tonight…delicious and easy!

    My sauce didn’t thicken either but it didn’t really matter..the taste is yummy. However, I think I’ll make about half the amount…and since I didn’t have rice vinegar, I used a combo of apple cider and red wine vinegars…still yummy!!

  42. Elizabeth

    Oh, yum! We made these tonight, and they were really delicious — and easy. Omitted the coriander and cilantro and added a dash of cayenne pepper — served ’em with chicken with artichokes and mushrooms. Really, really, really nice.

  43. Christine

    You really got me with these, Elise. They are already saved to my recipe file and I’ll make them for my beach night crowd tomorrow. Thanks!

  44. Anuja

    I was wondering if the recipe would work if is baked instead of fried.. would anyone know?

  45. Kristina

    I picked up a good tip from either Cook’s Illustrated or Cook’s Country (can’t remember which), which called for some corn kernels cut from the cobs and some grated off the cobs, plus scraping the cobs with the back of a knife for good measure.

  46. Katherine

    Mark, I think the cornstarch in the baking powder is added to prevent clumping. I know that’s why they use it in powdered sugar..

  47. Hanane

    I love these, I made them for my family tonight and they were a hit! My dipping sauce did not thicken, any idea why?

    Thank you for this recipe. Will be making them again.

  48. Mark

    I often use corn starch and baking soda instead of baking powder, last time I checked the baking powder container the three ingredients listed were corn starch, calcium somethingsomething, and sodium bicarbonate… I assume the calcium whatever isn’t too important :P

    I’m thinking this looks pretty easy to make in bulk, and I have an office pot luck coming up. Some stipulation in the details suggests I need to know the ethnicity of the food I make. Where would a corn fritter have originated? :)

    p.s. I’ve never posted here before but I love the blog; fantastic stuff, great food! Thanks so much.

  49. Nai

    Can I substitute baking soda for the powder? I doubt it but I don’t have any baking powder on hand but have everything else to make the recipe.


  50. Elise

    LOL, ScienceNerd. Completely forgot about the tryptophan factor. Okay, now we can eat them with complete abandon. :-)

  51. ScienceNerd

    On another note…
    You probably won’t die of pellagra on a diet of corn fritters. They have eggs which are rich in tryptophan which your body converts to niacin which prevents pellagra (a lack of niacin). So eat all the corn fritters you want.
    :) I plan to eat many, they sound yummy!

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