No ImageSpicy Turkey and Zucchini Burger

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  1. Mary Beth Nupp

    I made these burgers exactly per the recipe. The only way I found to improve them was to nestle one, cut in half, in pita bread and top with diced cucumber, feta cheese and the recipe’s sour cream sauce. Soooooo good! Very well received by the whole family!!


  2. Barbara

    I made the burgers according to the recipe, just cutting back the cayenne a bit, and in small patties. I served them with tehina instead of the yogurt sauce, with Israeli salad and pita. Easy enough for a weeknight dinner and very tasty! Definitely a keeper!


  3. Joanne

    I plan to make these for the first time tomorrow and will add za’atar seasoning, which contains sumac, to the sauce.

  4. Lauren

    I made these tonight and first off, they were so easy to make, second of all they were delicious! I will definitely be making these again. I love that you can store the extra patties in the refrigerator and use them for lunches or leftovers for the rest of the week.


  5. Carrie

    As a novice cook, these were very easy to make and were delicious!


  6. Jeanne

    This is the end of boring turkey burgers! Actually, I made mine with chicken mince as I’m living in Singapore right now and ground turkey isn’t sold here. And I cut the cayenne in half for my first attempt and I thought perfect for my heat tolerance. I’m doing online Weight Watchers and it fits right into the program. These smelled DIVINE as they were cooking and were just delicious. Will be making them again. Thank you, Elise, for the great recipe. I shared your link with my Facebook friends.


    • Elise Bauer

      Thanks Jeanne, I’m so glad you like it! Can’t take credit for the base recipe, it’s by Yotam Ottolenghi in his seminal Jerusalem cookbook. I highly recommend this cookbook for its innovative and delicious recipes.

  7. Eddie

    These burgers were delicious, I baked them instead of frying added chipotle seasoning placed on onion buns, absolutely a hit, thanks so much

  8. Milu

    Loved burger recipe. Added teriyaki garlic sauce to dressing mixture for flavor.


  9. holly

    I have made this recipe over and over again and shared it with friends and colleagues who also adore it. Thank you for sharing it!!! WE LOVE IT! The yogurt sauce, too!


  10. Carol Watkins

    This looks wonderful. Do you peel the zucchini before grating it?

  11. Liz S

    The zucchini really adds a great depth of flavor as well as helping with the overall juiciness. We make this all the time!


  12. Brie

    My mom made these for me and I loved them so much! We put them on warmed Naan bread :)

  13. Glen

    Made meatloaf with this base recipe. Added one egg to mixture and homemade burnt toast croutons. Baked with previously browned onion, garlic, green pepper and orange pepper. Cooked one hour. Made gravy with the pan leftovers. Glazed top for last10 minutes with ketchup. Awesome. The base burger recipe is my favorite!

  14. Jackie

    These were fantastic! The sauce was sooo good. In my opinion, the burgers didn’t need bread. In fact, I cooked up small ‘meat’ balls and dipped those in the sauce. Believe the reviews and impress your friends.
    I just had some leftovers, I still can’t believe how tasty this is. Change up the spices if you want. I was tired of cumin and used ground coriander seed instead- not much. Elise, thanks again for a great recipe!

  15. Sharon Marriott

    Everyone loved them here. The boys gave them a big thumbs up. We added fresh garden tomatoes, a bit of stone ground mustard mustard and garnished it with shredded kale.

  16. Alexa

    Holy moly these were amazing. I will definitely be making these throughout the summer!

  17. jenn

    These look wonderful, do you eat them as a burger with a bun, or alone with a side dish?

    • Elise Bauer

      I would eat them without a bun, though there’s no reason you couldn’t use a bun if you wanted to.

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