No ImageSpinach and Artichoke Quiche

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  1. Anastasia

    As it’s baking in the oven (and looks & smells amazing), I noted a typo in the directions under ‘6’ – showing “Let it cook …” – I realize it means to let it ‘cool’.


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  2. Denise Crosby of Maine

    This is! the absolutely best quiche ever!!! I stop making any other quiches …. this is the only one I think deserves to be made ( and those men don’t eat quiche goblet up ) I’ve been to some very yuppie style places that make good quiches. I’ve told them they should make this and put it on the menu…. Cause everybody loves it
    I have made this several times I’ve lost count
    I do substitute the spinach for Swiss chard because I think Swiss chard is a little sweeter in the flavor, at least to me. Everybody that I serve it to raves about it. I have used every cheese almost conceivable: goat cheese, grayer cheese cream cheese, Swiss, you don’t use very much of the cheese so it doesn’t really matter… It will be delicious. My hat goes off to you the creator of this delectable morsels…


  3. Susan

    I made this quiche for my vegetarian daughter. I used marble cheese and it was just fine. The lemon zest was a very important ingredient and added a lovely hint of lemon. This recipe is now my favorite quiche. Many thx

  4. Ginny Willcox

    Best quiche ever. Lovely texture. I used boursin in place of goat cheese.


  5. Alex

    Just a note to tell you that your site is GREAT. You actually make me think I can make a good pie crust…All your explanations and pictures do make it much easier to follow – what’s happening …Thank you :-)

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