No ImageSplit Pea Soup

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  1. Elizabeth

    This soup is fantastic! Purchased split peas at Whole Foods- out of dispenser (not pre-packaged) and they cooked perfectly, in accordance with recipe. Did not have a Leek, and could not find Allspice Berries for the bouquet. And, instead of Ham Hocks, I cooked soup with a Ham Bone, then added about 2-cups of ham to the puréed soup. (The ham & bone had been frozen- leftover Honey Baked Ham from Thanksgiving.) Used 2Qts. Chicken Broth and 1/2 Qt. Water- (instead of all water.) So, a few off-recipe ingredients, but it came out great. The BEST Split Pea Soup my husband and I have ever had. A definite keeper! Thank you, Simply Recipes! (Your Peanut Butter Cookie recipe is another winner!)


  2. DB

    I doubled the recipe and doubled all the ingredients except the ham hock (I used two) and only used 4.5 quarts of chicken stock (instead of 5 quarts of water). I also pulled the ham hocks out when it was done cooking, shredded the meat, and added it back to the soup. DIVINE! Based on another comment here, I made beer bread to go with it and it was SO GOOD dipped into the soup. YUM! Thanks for this wonderful recipe!

  3. Vanessa

    I made this last night for Halloween, and it came out delicious. I used chicken stock in place of water, and I put in fresh herbs – parsley, thyme and rosemary – finely chopped, instead of the bouquet garni. It tasted wonderful. I also garnished with some lemon juice at the very end and it gave it an extra little zing. Lovely recipe, and as it was my first time ever making split pea soup, I have to thank you for posting it!


  4. Jackie

    I always love your recipes Elise! How fitting is it that Julia Child’s recipe from Parade Magazine has always been MY recipe for Split Pea Soup? This is a great recipe. If you have trouble with the peas cooking in a reasonable time you can also pre-soak them for a few hours. I know, you shouldn’t have to, but living in the Denver area and having very hard water, I find it much easier to soak them in filtered water.

  5. Andre

    I used the pressure cooker to cook the split peas. After getting the water to boil I put the peas in and turned down the heat to a simmer for about three min’s and then let them sit for an hour and dumped them in with the ham bone for another hour.

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