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  1. Liz

    They taste good, but the dough is very difficult to work with. And who puts 1/2 lb butter?!? You put 1 cup like a normal person!


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  2. Roberta

    Thanks for the recipe. Just made these. They aren’t as sweet as my moms that I remember as a kid, but the dough worked great and held up well in the press gun.

  3. Lynn

    I would love a recipe for a savory spritz cookie, to be used as an appetizer with wine. I found two recipes online and tried the rosemary Parmesan recipe. It didn’t work all that well with the press, but I’m new at this so maybe others would be more successful. It tasted good, but not great. Does anyone have a recipe like this? Thank you.

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  4. Mitzi

    My daughter and I want to make cookies for putting in gift boxes for the neighbors and we will make cookies the day before and take them around. Is this a good recipe for that? I have never been very good at baking but these look really good and simple. I had planned on making basic sugar cookies and sprinkles as soon as they come out of oven. Thanks for any advice! :-)

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  5. Anna Marie

    Well it just isn’t Christmas without Spritz cookies! My mom and i made these every year, along with. Russiam Tea Cakes. i had no idea there were so many other pairs of moms n daughters out there doing the same thing. eevey year i make my Spritz and hope they’ll taste as good as Moms.i have been surprised to find so many variations for such a simple recipe! thid year im using your measurements but i will comnine the ingredients the way we did when i was young:cream butter and suger til fluffy,add eggs then vanilla. add flour. Don’t. overwork. we put sprinkles on before baking and most importantly-cinnamon imperials for the wreaths and tree tops! Thank. you for great memories

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