No ImageSquash Blossom Quesadillas

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  1. Valerie

    This dish was surprisingly tasty! Even though my flowers didn’t fare too well on my commute from NYC to my suburban home, the flavors in this recipe didn’t disappoint. Easy to make and without a need to fry, it’s perfect for summer. I most definintely will make it again. :)


  2. Jo Pieris

    I stuff them with cream cheese and any blue cheese with egg and wrap the petals around fry them with normal coating of flour, bread crumbs etc. delicious!

  3. Amber

    Do you think this would work well with green onions? The onions in my garden are overthrowing so I frequently cut off the top half or so. I don’t have any bulb onions right now, but lots of green onions and squash blossoms from my garden (I’m just starting to get zucchini, still waiting on tomatoes and peppers)

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  4. suzanne

    I have lots of squash blossoms (and zucchini) so I am delighted to find a recipe that doesn’t require frying in a batter. Thanks.

  5. Steve

    What market(s) in Sac are they at? I frequent the one under the freeway and randomly hit up others, but have never seen them at any of the ones I go to.

    On another note, I had previously asked where along the river you find blackberries, and I finally found some spots this year. Over by Sac State there is a dirt path that they are just overflowing on. I found it by accident due to thinking I was really smart and would find a better way around some levee construction. I was wrong, but there were awesome blackberry bushes!

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