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  1. Wendy

    This was an excellent way to use up leftover steaks from a barbque. I served it with sour cream potato salad and garlic bread. Didn’t have the bell pepper but I did have radishes from my garden. I’m just developing a taste for arugula and this was a nice ratio to mix. Dressing was good.


  2. Shirley

    It has always amazed me that people would put steak on lettuce or why people would really eat arugula which is a terrible bitter green that is really a weed. Give me my steak on the side (like Emily) and my salad separately. Recipe is good, just don’t put the steak on the salad.

  3. Emily Jaycox

    We substituted roasted sunflower seeds (generally have these on hand for salads) for the toasted walnuts. Also, we plopped our steaks down whole on the bed of salad. And the steaks were grilled instead of pan seared. Thinly sliced red onion instead of scallions. Other than that, we used the recipe as given and it was a winner! Thank you.


  4. Cheryl

    Hey there,

    I absolutely enjoy your reading your recipes. However, where I live, arugula is not readily available. I was just curious what type of vegetables you can substitute it with?

    Fresh baby spinach, though the taste isn’t even close to the same. Arugula also goes by “rocket”. It grows like a weed, even more persistent than dandelions, so if you can get a hold of some seed, and have an untended patch of dirt somewhere, if you sow them you’ll get an unlimited yearly supply (when in season). ~Elise

  5. Elise Lafosse

    Hi Elise,

    I have been meaning to tell you for awhile that this steak salad has become a staple in my household. I must make it once at least every two weeks. It is quick and easy and good, and when I just am not that creative when it comes to figuring out a meal, I always rely on this, this recipe and the seared tuna recipe as well. Thank you for making my life a little easier with this recipe.


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