No ImageSteak Salad with Miso Vinaigrette

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  1. Miranda

    I couldn’t taste anything but the garlic powder on the steak – too overwhelming for me, couldn’t eat it. Garlic P is pretty strong stuff, i’d leave it out entirely or just use a dash.
    The dressing was also waaaaay too salty from the miso. I like the idea of a miso vinaigrette – but would probably greatly reduce the amount of miso. Like the garlic powder – a little goes a long way.
    May just be a case of different palettes.


  2. Marta @ What should I eat for breakfast today

    This is literally something I’d take in a restaurant. It looks so good and I’d have a feeling that I eat something healthy and fulfilling. I love the recipe. Thank you!

  3. Patricia @Sweet and Strong

    I love giant salads! Where do you find white miso? I recently found a recipe for red miso paste and can’t find that either in my grocery store, but would love to make this dressing.

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  4. Mark Anderson

    SR is the first place I turn to for recipes, so after the excesses of the weekend, I came here looking for a salad recipe. Here it is–right on top. And it gives me a chance to work w/ miso, which has always been a bit of mystery to me.

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  5. Malika A. Black

    Great steak salad. I love these kind of meals. Very easy and no fuss.

    Great as a mid-week meal that one can get ready in 15 minutes!