No ImageSteak Teriyaki

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  1. Sandra May

    I can’t find sake anywhere…can you tell me where to buy it!

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Sandra, sake is a Japanese rice wine, so I would look for it wherever sells wine and spirits in your neighborhood. BevMo carries it.

    • Emma Christensen

      Hi, Sandra! Emma here, managing editor. Sake should be available at most liquor stores — I can even find it at my parent’s liquor store in rural Minnesota, so you should hopefully be able to find it where you live! Costco would also likely carry it. If you can’t find it, I would just add another 1/4 cup of mirin to the marinade. Hope that helps!

  2. geemom

    Amazing!!! Thank you for sharing this most delicious recipe!!! Every recipe I’ve made from your site (unaltered) has been exceptional. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! ❤️

  3. Lynn Ross

    Hi Elise: I have been looking for a recipe for Steak Teriyaki for years. You definitely have a winner here. It is so easy to make. I have shared this recipe with all my friends. It is a 100 on a scale of 1:10. I marinated mine for 24 hrs and used flank steak. Next time I will be doubling the marinate. They didn’t sell Mirin Rice Wine at the Asian Market I went to, so I asked another shopped what to use. All the bottles were in Chinese. I uses a Dark Rice Wine. Again, this is an award winning recipe.

  4. Amy

    We made this last night and it was outstanding! We doubled the recipe just for two of us and now we have a lot of leftovers. Any ideas on how to use this as an appetizer for a dinner party we’re throwing tonight?

  5. RD

    I made this over the weekend for the family and it was delicious. I let it marinate overnight and cooked it over lump charcoal on my Big Green Egg at 500F for 4 minutes each side. Came out perfectly medium-rare. Served it with steamed white rice and sauteed spinach. Had the leftover meat and rice today for lunch and it was great.

  6. Jennifer

    Use brown sugar instead of regular white sugar. It is amazing! Oh, and add a little garlic next time. :)

  7. Hal

    Any good replacement for the rice wine & sake?

    I’m underage and can’t actually buy that stuff.[I’m also living alone and working so no chance of getting help buying it]

  8. Liz

    Tell me about Mirin rice wine. Do I buy this at the liquor store? Is it the same as Mirin style sweet cooking seasoning?

    Great question. We buy mirin here at the local grocery store, but California laws regarding buying liquor are fairly lax compared to the laws in other states. It is a a low alcohol condiment that is used in Japanese cooking. If your local grocery store has an Asian foods aisle, that’s where it would likely be. You can probably use “mirin style sweet cooking seasoning” as a substitute. Sake is a drinking alcohol, which I find in the wine aisle of our grocery store, or in a liquor store. ~Elise

  9. Garett

    The BF made this last night and it was amazing. Sadly, we only marinated it for a few hours but it still produced a very flavorful steak. Way to go on this recpe, Elise.;)

  10. D

    Hi Elise,
    We’ve have steak and eggs on many occassions for breakfast (especially on ski trips) and I can’t wait to make this one and see all those smiles! I had only one observation, step 4, 2nd sentence, wasn’t sure what that meant.

    Can’t wait to try it! Love your site’s inspiration.


    Striations are lines. In a flank steak or skirt steak, you can see the direction of the fibers of the muscles. (This is called the “grain”.) They are all lined up in one direction, which you can easily see by looking at the smooth surface of the steak. If you have a wide piece of steak, you want to cut it in half first, in the direction of the lines. Then you want to make thin cuts crosswise to the lines, or against the grain. This will break up the tough muscles making the steak more tender to eat. ~Elise

  11. whr03

    If you can’t get mirin, I use red wine, rice wine vinegar, garlic, ginger, sugar and black pepper for a marinade.

  12. MG

    This looks delicious. I’m going to try it with sake and mirin — that makes perfect sense.

    My go-to recipe for teriyaki (from my Indian mom) is:

    – thinly slice a flank steak
    – marinate overnight in one cup vermouth, one cup soy sauce, ~2 tablespoons shredded ginger, ~2 tablespoon shredded garlic, spoon of brown sugar
    – thread on small skewers
    – grill for a few minutes until done

    This is a wonderful meal for kids.

  13. Noella

    Hi Elise,

    I have long been reading your blog and love so many recipes. I live in Japan now at an American military base and this is the exact recipe I have for teriyaki steak that I got from a Japanese cookbook here. I have made it many times and wondered if I would be able to get mirin when I move back to the US.

    This is also wonderful with chicken!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Yes, the 1:1:1 ratio of mirin to sake to soy sauce is a classic ratio for Japanese teriyaki. ~Elise

  14. m750

    Hi Elise,
    Interestingly enough, flank and skirt steak tend to be tougher when rare, if cooked to medium rare, the fibers will tighten up a little bit, but you are able to counter act it, by being able to slice it much thiner, than a rare steak, that tends to squirm when sliced.
    The recipe looks great.

    That makes sense, thanks for the tip! ~Elise