No ImageStewed Okra and Tomatoes Creole Style

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  1. Kate

    Loved this!!! It was delicious and I will make it often!


  2. Strawberry

    Sorry,forgot to tell you add citrus or lemon juice to broth …

  3. Strawberry

    Hi, I found this site by coincidence,I cook and create some meals.
    About Okra we used to cook it in different way but so delicious.
    the way to keep it always at home either frozen or dry in necklace (always guests wonder what is this necklace doing in the kitchen where I hang it !

    The way to prepare the dry okra for cooking is:
    Boil water in a pot with lemon or orange peels and dash of flour ,then add the dry okra till tenderness and cook it as broth as follows:
    Okra- 500g
    Tomato- paste fullspoon
    Tomato juice-3cups
    Garlic-2 or 3 cloves
    Cubes of cooked Lamb or beef- 5 or 6 pieces ,with Lamb more tasty ( fry onion in oil,then add the meat with herbs as cardamon,cinnamon,bay leaves and cloves) then add boiled water till tenderness.
    Coriander seeds- grinded-teaspoon

    Put cooking oil in a pot and add tomato paste ,then add the cubes of beef
    Add coriander
    Add Okra till color change into yellow
    Add tomato juice with garlic cloves
    Let it boil for awhile till you test an okra by pressing a fork into an okra so if it’s tender you can reduce the heat till done.
    You can have it with rice or put bread* pieces( even old) into the broth. onion and fresh basil suit the meal.
    * Afghani or Pakistani bread preffered

    Bon Appetit

  4. Reir

    I love okra. This sounds delicious and I will have to try it soon!

    My favorite go-to recipes are African or Middle Eastern chick pea and okra stew. They are quite similar, with slight variations.
    I also like okra sautéed in Indian style, with onions and a pinch of asafoetida.

  5. The Steaming Pot

    It’s fantastic to learn of the variety of ways in which a vegetable is cooked around the world. Okra is a pretty popular vegetable in India, and it’s available fresh – haven’t heard of frozen okra over here. I often make it into a dish called “bhindi do pyaza” (literally, okra with two onions).

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