No ImageStrawberry Mascarpone Tart

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  1. jim grannon

    In place of the balsamic I use a lightly sweetened rum Sauce and let it sink in for afew hours before serving and use small puff or pie crust tart shells for it.
    This comes from my childhood roots in the Newark NJ area and an Italian bakery called Ditti Ferrara’s.
    I’ve lived in florida for 15 years now and I haveta tell ya that although the climate is wonderful, you can’t get decent pizza, Italian bread, Italian cooking or pastry unless you make it yourself.
    I don’t miss shoveling snow but I sure miss the food. Our extended family had Italian, polish, a lithuanian or two and mostly Irish folk (whose food Isn’t worth mentioning).
    I had a Sicilian uncle–by marriage– who was the best Italian cook ever. He taught me how to make tomato sauce, meatballs , sausage and bracciola as well as veal dishes.
    So I rarely dine out Italian down here in Tampa Bay because mine is better–and cheaper. And I’m pretty sure my Uncle Fred would back me up on this if he were alive. He was a carpenter and although I couldn’t saw a piece of wood or hammer a nail to his satisfaction, he raved about my saltimboca and spinach. then of course, he whacked me in the head and told me I should follow his instructions instead of inventing. He was one of my heroes.

    Jim Grannon (an Irish Jersey boy)

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  2. Sabrina Baxter

    just tried this filling and a pastry dough. it is awesome. i didn’t have any ricotta so i used sour cream with the mascarpone and it was very rich like cheese cake. but light at the same time like a fruit dip. which in my opinion is a good thing.
    i am so glad i came across your recipe it is very hard to find good recipes that have to do with mascarpone and berries in a tart type dish that doesn’t necessarily need ricotta. or that only used ricotta which i can’t seem to keep around very long. we had extra filling and pastry but no more berries so i am going to go back to the store and get me some and make another one for my friend.

  3. Weiwen

    Just baked this. It’s great!!!!! I cut the sugar down somewhat, though.


  4. Amanda from Virginia

    FABULOUS!!! I’m really glad a poster above asked about this sitting over night because I was going to let it. Now I won’t! I’ll assemble tomorrow afternoon for dinner.
    Also, for your reader from China, here’s a sub I used.
    I live in rural Virginia and none of the stores in my area carry mascarpone on a regular basis. I’ve used this recipe a couple of times with great results.

  5. Joanne

    I’m eating this for breakfast right now. SO GOOD! I know, I shouldn’t be eating it for breakfast, but I can’t help it!


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