No ImageStrawberry Rhubarb Terrine

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  1. nicole

    Would this work with Agar Agar instead of Gelatin? The last time I used gelatin I ended up not being able to eat it because during cooking it smelled really bad to me, but that was back when I was still a vegetarian, so maybe my sense of smell has changed. I’d still prefer to use Agar Agar… Maybe I should try with a small amount and use a ramekin as a mold to see if it’ll set.

    You could try it. I’ve never cooked with agar agar, so I wouldn’t know what to tell you. If you do try it, please let us know how it turns out. ~Elise

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  2. Josie Mattheis

    I was looking for a great recipe for the 4th of July and considered adding blueberries to it? Any suggestions?

    We usually make our berry and banana terrine with blueberries, works great. ~Elise

  3. Elizabeth

    This was terrific tasting!! The only problem I ran into is that mine got somewhat pale. I didn’t have the lemon (ill prepared I’d say!) and so just left it out. Does that help it hold the color?

    Don’t know about the lemon helping it hold the color. It might. You also might want to let the rhubarb syrup gelatin base cool just a little more before pouring into the molds and adding the strawberries. The strawberries should taste fresh, not cooked, and should retain their bright color. ~Elise

  4. Garrett

    This really was a phenomenal dish, Elise!

  5. Sarah

    Ibteda- Rhubarb is a very tart and zesty tasting plant that looks like celery but is red with much stronger stalks and larger leaves. It is tough and stringy, but once boiled with a little sugar is a true delight. This reminds me of making pie (a traditional way to use rhubarb) with my mom using rhubarb from her garden :).

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