No ImageStrawberry Shortcake

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  1. sillymissmilliee

    Loved this recipe! Biscuits were tender and buttery. I brushed the tops with some heavy cream to make the tops even more golden with a slight crisp. The macerated strawberries also turned out beautifully. Good thing is I had to use only 1/4 cup sugar as the strawberries were at their peak sweetness. I posted a picture on my Instagram and tagged you. This one is going into my recipe collection. Simply Recipes never disappoints! :)


  2. Debra

    Can I freeze the dough to bake later?

  3. B

    Awesome dessert, perfect for spring or summer. I made my biscuits very unevenly sized, but everything was delicious!


  4. Sandra Peissner

    These are the best shortcake biscuits I have ever made! Thanks for the recipe! it will be my go to one from now on!


  5. Elly

    I never fancied myself a biscuit but more of a cake strawberry shortcake person but I followed this recipe to a T and it was fantastic. This will be my go to and will make it again. Thank you!


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