No ImageStrawberry Shortcake Sliders

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  1. Pam Poynter

    I make a little different biscuit recipe and the secret is to bake them touching each other so they rise up instead of out — I put mine in a pieplate. Secondly, the temp is correct to create a quick rise. Do not twist the dough cutter but just push down. Twisting closing the dough and it doesn’t rise as high. Hope you don’t mind the comments.

  2. April

    Can I make the buiscut dough a day ahead, refrigerate and bake the morning I need them?

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  3. Miriam

    I tried these this morning and it was flavorful to taste, but my biscuits didn’t rise very much..only a little. Can you ever use too much baking powder? I measured mine according to the directions.

    Also is there a way to freeze and bake later? If so, at what temperature should frozen biscuits be cooked?

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  4. alyson

    I made these yesterday and the biscuits burned at the bottom..has anyone had a problem at 425?

  5. Kelly

    I made these for a holiday party and instead of cutting them in rounds, I used holiday-shaped cookie cutters. The stars worked the best – they looked great and tasted wonderful.


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