No ImageStuffed Pork Chops with Kielbasa and Sauerkraut

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  1. John King

    Sounds like a great recipe. Do you strain the sauerkraut or do you pour the sauerkraut and liquid into the Dutch oven? Thanks!

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  2. Margaret Espaillat

    Dios mio, this was the best pork chop dish I’ve ever made. I cook for eight adults every night and I’m going to go over to my parents’ house next door right now to receive my medal for this meal.


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  3. Mike Brown

    Do not use hard cased kielbasa, try using fresh kielbasa instead. It makes a world of difference. My German grandmother would always make sauerkraut and kielbasa the old fashioned way, using cumin seed, onion, a diced apple, barley, salt and plenty of fresh cracked black pepper. She would bring it to a boil and then let it simmer for 4 hours. Make the sauerkraut on one day and then add it to a pork roast half way through cooking the next for a delicious meal.

  4. ChefMacho

    Great recipe! basic German I love to do this on grill and try to make potatoe dumplings. to grill , just put chops on grill a bit first then find a good pan that you can put on grill,add saurkraut and whatever cover tightly mild heat for 45 to an hour. PLZ does anyone have goo potatoe dumpling recipe

  5. Lisa

    I have to make another comment. The RS article on pig raising was so horrifying, it made me cry. In a way it’s good to have these reminders of why I buy (almost all) meat from a local farmer, but reading about it is so awful. One wants to DO something to stop it. I guess buying local is something — but it certainly isn’t enough to stop the madness.

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