No ImageStuffed Zucchini with Ham and Mushrooms

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  1. Lisa Hymel

    I’m on Weight Watches in these recipes or terrific! I’ve been sharing them with everyone at the meetings they love them. Thanks


  2. Suzanne

    My family thought the ham through the whole dish off. Would have been better with ground sausage I think.

  3. Vikisu

    My husband is diabetic so I fix stuffed zuccini a lot. I also slice my zuccini length-wise and use it for lasagna noodles layered with speghetti-sauce, cottage cheese and home-made mozzarella cheese. Out of this world. Some of the zuccini I grind up and put in freezer bags to have bread year-round.

  4. Laura

    This is amazing! I remember my mom making stuffed zucchini at the end of summer with the last products of the garden, and have been looking for a recipe worthy of hers!

    This is absolutely the recipe. I didn’t measure anything, just threw it all in the pan, and I didn’t use breadcrumbs- just covered the top with cheese. Couldn’t be easier, or better tasting.

    Thank you so much for posting this!


  5. Dani

    OMG, I tried this recipe tonight and it was the bizzy bizzy bomb!! Of course I didn’t follow the recipe instructions exactly (& I wonder why my son doesn’t follow instructions properly…hmmm…) anyway, I did use the pulp, but my eggplant wasn’t large either. I used red onion, added garlic (on everything) and tomato. I added the chopped tomato at the end when I added the cheese. I forgot the bread crumbs and cayenne, but since I used the pulp from the eggplant it worked out perfectly…oh, my son (9 yrs.) had seconds & said he preferred this over salad anyday…

    Elise, you too are the bomb for this website…you’re making my numerous attempts at becoming a vegetarian so easy and pleasant…thank you!

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