No ImageSugared Pecans

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  1. Nicole

    Just made a double batch. Taste good to me!

  2. Milena

    These are delicious. I made them a day in advance and had to hide them to stop everyone from taste testing to much!

  3. Carol

    Can I do this with mixed nuts or any other types of nuts….walnuts etc.
    thank you,

    Sure! ~Elise

  4. Angel Maree

    These are divine! I did not have enough pecans so I used almonds also!

  5. PM eS ing

    Nuts are being washed…
    Now doused with aromatic spices…
    Soaking up some rays in the oven…
    (spoiled lil Pecans)
    I’m not sure about the cloves & nutmeg
    I look forward to trying these babies when they
    Cool down… still waiting… Smelling sooo good!
    OMYGOSH! those are tasty lil treasures. If HOLIDAY were a
    Flavor… I just tasted it. Yummmmmm!
    So, some of those sweet nuggets asked to go chunky dunk in
    A pool of dark chocolate … I let them… Waiting for them to dry
    Off in the chilled locker room… Can’t wait to nibble on their lil tootsies when they come out! Hmm I’m gonna check on them right now.
    WoW —
    Thank you my sweet virtual chef friend! My children owe you their gratitude, not sure i’d be in this good of a mood without this experience!

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