No ImageSummer Squash Salad

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  1. Cynthia

    This looks like a great way to use a prolific vegetable such as summer squash. Would it hold for a day if I make it in advance?

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  2. Leisureguy

    I made and enjoyed this with a few changes. Rather than slice the zucchini and squash thinly, I used the small julienne option on my Swissmar Borner V-Slicer. The julienned pieces tossed easier. And once I had julienned the squash and zucchini, I tossed that with a big pinch of salt and let it sit in a sieve over a bowl for an hour, which got a lot of the water out of it. Otherwise, I followed the recipe. Very tasty.

  3. Michelle

    Thanks! I ended up making it twice. The first time I made it according to recipe, multiplying by four. I ended up with half of the dressing left over because I didn’t use all the squash, so I put the remaining mint in the dressing and stuck it in the fridge. The second time I made it, I salted the squash to draw out excess water and added a pressed clove of garlic to the dressing. After tossing, I added fresh mint. Everyone liked it better the second time. Excellent recipe!!

  4. Allison

    How many hours ahead of time do you think I can make it? Do you think I can make it the night before?

    Note from Elise: If I needed to make this the night before I would slice the zucchini, chop the mint, grate the cheese, and toast the pine nuts, but keep all of the ingredients separate, in tightly packed (no air) plastic bags. Then right before serving I would combine.

  5. Elise Bauer

    Hi Michele, this is probably too late, but for future reference, I would make it ahead of time except for adding the pine nuts and cheese. Add those right before serving.

    Hi Kalyn, ribbons are certainly a pretty way of doing this salad.

    Hi Teri, you can check out the mushroom soup recipe, or just look up dried mushrooms in the search bar to see what you find.

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