No ImageHow to Make Sun Tea

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  1. Z oey

    Great great way to save energy, sun power


  2. Sonja

    I’ve never made Sun brewed tea and chills today it’s my first time I just actually put it outside. So I actually have a question now it hasn’t happened but if it works how do you keep ants from crawling all over your tea jar while it is sitting out there cuz I did add sugar to mine that’s probably my mistakes to do it before I put it out there. So has anybody encounter this problem and if so how did stop it

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  3. The Full Farmhouse Mama

    I use 8 bags per gallon and 1/4 cup of cane sugar. Perfect over ice on a hot day!


  4. Jerrilynn

    First– place water in the jar. –Then—add the tea bags. This way the rush of water poured into the jar will not cause tea leaves to break out of their bag.

    Also it is not necessary to use cold water to start the brewing. This just takes more time to heat up the water from the sun. Begin by adding warm water to the jar first then add the tea bags.

  5. Rachele

    I use 12 tea bags per gallon. I put it out when I leave for work and bring it in after. When I bring it in, I squeeze excess tea from bags as I remove them. I put 1.5 cups sugar in a 2 cup glass measuring cup and add enough boiling water to melt the sugar before adding it to the tea. I refrigerate it and serve well chilled with ice!


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