No ImageSustenance Stew with Sweet Potatoes and Swiss Chard

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  1. Cindy Wright-Jones

    This was scrumptious! I was excited to find a meal that had all my garden abundance in one recipe! I didn’t have cauliflower, so I served over Quinoa. Also, sadly my avocado & pea greens were too far gone to use. The flavorful sweet potatoes melted in my mouth with the broth- which is tastier as a sum than the parts suggest they would be.


  2. Linda

    Approximately how much ‘rice’ does 2 heads of cauliflower make? I have a couple of very large heads and was wondering if 1 would suffice.

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  3. Deanne

    I made the Sustenance stew last night for myself and two family members. We all thought it was delicious. I used bagged cauliflower rice that I found at our local Publix grocery. The dish came together easy enough despite all the chopping. I always feel confident trying new recipes on friends when I use the Simply Recipe site.


  4. Eleanore

    We made this for the first time and it was delicious. Company worthy for vegetarians and carnivores. As noted previously in the comments, we will add more ginger next time. We did not have swiss chard but used red chard (same thing?). Any way to know the nutritional value of this recipe? Thanks, Simply Recipes, for another great recipe!


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  5. Walter Underwood

    Made this tonight. It’s a keeper, but a few notes.

    1. This takes longer than 30 minutes. Maybe longer than an hour if you whack up all the veg before starting, like I did. That makes a more relaxed cooking sequence.

    2. Do not discard the chard stems. Whack them up like celery and sauté with the onions. Yum.

    3. I used more ginger, maybe twice as much. It was good.

    4. We used brown rice instead of making the cauliflower “rice”. I’ll take the time to make that some other evening. Or weekend.

    5. I found a perfectly ripe avocado, but just couldn’t taste it on top of the stew. I’ll probably skip that next time.

    6. I used chicken stock because we’re not vegetarian and because vegetable stock is just not stock.

    7. I don’t know what kind of blender they have, but ours doesn’t hold two cans of tomatoes and three cups of stock. I bought diced tomatoes instead of whole and blended one can with one cup of stock and the ginger and red pepper. The other can of diced tomatoes and the rest of the stock went straight into the pot.

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