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  1. MaryAnn

    I’ve been making this pumpkin pie recipe for several years now and it is our favourite. In fact, I just made it this morning for my daughter. The only thing I have trouble with is the pie crust. How do you keep the crust from browning too quickly. I froze the pie crust before baking. Anything else I can do? Thanks!


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  2. James English

    I added this to my own personal recipe book with a little bit of nutritional information included just for diet-control related reasons…
    roughly per serve:
    462 Calories, 29g fat, 45g carbohydrates, 6g protein

    I couldn’t find it anywhere on this page so i thought I’d just post it in case anybody wants it like i did.

    Great recipe BTW, I’ve used it a couple of times now and it’s delicious


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  3. Eli R.

    This is my favorite recipe! You can make pumpkin pie any time of year! This month I felt like cooking it, so I used acorn squash. But I often use butternut or whatever type of winter squash is on sale. Thank you for this recipe!


  4. Ben Ryan

    This is by far the best pumpkin pie I’ve had since primary! Do you remember what it feels like when you have something for the first time and absolutely fall in love with the taste? That’s pumpkin pie in my case! My primary teacher introduced me to it and ever since I’ve been trying to find another one that tastes somewhat alike. Unfortunately, pumpkin pies aren’t that traditional in Europe which is why I usually just get them when I’m on holiday in the US. I love cooking but I’d say I’m not much of a cake maker (I usually leave that part to my wife). With this recipe however, it was super easy to make a wonderful, tasty pumpkin pie. It brought back so many fond memories and just the smell of it reminds me of thanksgiving and autumn. Thank you so much for sharing the recipe!!! This has totally made my day!


  5. Eileen

    Super easy turns out great!
    Make one every holiday and in between.


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