No ImageSwedish Meatballs

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  1. Sasha

    I loved this recipe and added minced sautéed mushrooms to the sauce as well as an extra little splash of milk to the meat mixture when I was forming the meatballs. Turned out lovely! I also used a combo of chicken and beef stalk. Maybe next time I’ll add garlic to the meatballs too. :)


  2. Trevor

    Definitely worth the time to make these , kept this recipe!! #Substituted Cranberry jelly for the jam, I’d recommend the jam to get that salty/sweet finish, I just put a few small spoonfuls over plated meatballs.


  3. Vicky

    Question about the pork…. do you just use grocery store ground pork or do you grind or ask the store to grind some cut of pork? Is the store ground pork greasy? Thanks!

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  4. Camille

    I live in Sweden, and it’s definitely traditional to have brown sauce with your meatballs. Thanks for the nice recipe.

  5. Andrea

    I love this recipe; I’ve made it several times, using some combination of turkey, lamb, and beef instead of pork. White bread is best, but I’ve made it with wheat and it was fine. I don’t suppose anyone has served it alongside the rice pilaf from this site? I’ve got some leftover and can’t decide if it would be a weird combination or not.. I know it wouldn’t be at all traditional, but there aren’t any Swedes around, so maybe I can get away with it?


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