No ImageSweet Cherry Pie

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  1. Penny

    I make without sugar for diabetic husband. He loved it

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  2. Robert

    Mine just cooled down enough to eat. It’s yummy! Raves from my wife. Thanks!

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  3. andreamaceri

    I used 1/2 the sugar( I don’t like overly sweet)- there was no runnyness- just perfect! My crust was a bit rustic looking – I was in a rush and didn’t chill the dough- but the taste- out of this world- I used the sour cream crust linked in this recipe- this will be my go to crust from now on


  4. Susan

    I’m a long-time pie baker, but I avoid fruit pies because of their inconsistency in sweetness, runniness, etc. Dark cherries are my favorite fruit in the world and a bargain at this time of year, so I decided to take the plunge and try a cherry pie. LOVED IT! I followed the directions precisely (baked it for the full length of time) and it was not overly juicy at all. I think the key was in not overhandling the cherries when mixing them with the other ingredients and in following the directions to spoon them out rather than just dumping everything into the crust. By doing that, there was a fair amount of sugar-cornstarch mixture in the bottom of the pan that did NOT go in the pie. That was a good thing, allowing the pie to be about the cherries and the crust, not polluted with a cornstarchy goo. This recipe’s a keeper!


  5. Cassie

    Hi there. Have you ever prepared the pie ahead of time and freezed it? We did some cherry picking and made the cherry cobbler yesterday which was amazing! Today we made the pie, but need a break before eating it. Was hoping it wouldn’t be a big deal to freeze before cooking, but not sure if that will make the pie soupy when I cook it. Thanks.

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