No ImageSweet Potato Mash with Mint

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  1. Yana

    I made this with normal sweet potatoes (excluded the water and sugar to compensate for flavor/texture). I plan to make it again using boniatos, now that I’ve found them in the supermarket (they were well-hidden when I first looked), so I’ll post my thoughts on the difference. One question I had was, what’s the reason for peeling the potatoes? In the case of sweet potatoes, we happily eat the peel (in fact, I roasted the peels from the potatoes I used here with evoo, salt, and pepper, and had very yummy crisps to snack on), though I don’t know if there’s something about boniatos specifically that requires peeling…or is it just a preference for having peel-free mash? Thanks!

    Just a preference for a peel-free mash! ~Elise

  2. ladyarhlene

    I made this twice already around easter and passover in miami and just was easy to find in miami and here in nyc we thought it would be tricky but found it at our western beef on 62nd st on the upper westside…we are vegetarians so it’s a great find for us…btw we hope we have the right boniato sweet potato it’s has a reddish skin right? anyway they label it as boniato at western beef and the publix in miami so it must be the one….we love this recipe thank you!


  3. Heidi

    To be honest, it was just okay. I wanted to stop after roasting the potatoes. They were great like that. My mash came out thick and I don’t know that I like so much mint in them. Had a hard time finishing it all. The bites with onion were yummy.

  4. charles

    I grew up eating these sweet potatoes. If you live near a heavily Vietnamese populated area, you’ll probably find these in the supermarket there. (So if you’re in Orange County, CA or Houston, Texas you’ll find these at the local Vietnamese supermarket.)

    My grandmother actually likes to peel these, slice them into 1/4 thick pieces and bake them. It cooks much faster sliced and then she takes it out, used a huge cleaver to pound it a little flat (kind of like how you pound garlic with a cleaver). Tastes amazing as a “thick chip”.

  5. Ash

    I LOVE Sweet Potato mash. In my area these potatoes are sold as “Korean Batatas”. Soft and sweet, perfect for a delicious mash. Thanks so much for featuring this wonderful vegetable.

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