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  1. Cindy

    Hi Elise, do you think the pie would be just as tasty without the pecan topping (for nut allergy eaters)?

    • Emma Christensen

      Hi, Cindy! Emma, managing editor for Simply Recipes, here! I think a nut-free version of this pie would be great — similar to pumpkin pie. You might think about topping it with some whipped cream, too!

  2. Prema

    I made this pie on Thanksgiving. It was absolutely delicious . I followed the recipe exactly. I am a pie novice (this was my first pie). I wouldn’t change a thing about the recipe. I am making it again for Christmas.


    • Elise

      I’m so glad you liked it Prema!

  3. Sharon

    Do you think this could be made ahead and frozen? I’m traveling for thanksgiving, and would love to bring this on the car ride.

    • Malaïka

      Hi Sharon, I’m wondering the same thing: can I make it ahead of time and freeze it? Or maybe freeze the shell and the filling seperately than bake it in a week or so? Let me know if you did it and how it went! Thanks!

  4. Glenn Sullivan

    I made this last night, and it is DIVINE! The only thing I’d do differently is “draw” the cut marks for the slices in the topping before it hardens., so you aren’t trying to cut through a pecan to get a slice out. Thanks again Elise!

  5. Carole Sveum

    Your pie looks wonderful. In cooking or roasting, sweet potatoes and “yams” are vastly different. Your picture looks like it is made from yams. Due to added moisture, can they be used interchangeably. Almost all recipes ask just for sweet potatoes, just don’t see how they can work. Thanks

  6. Wendy

    In Canada we call the orange fleshed Sweet Potatoes YAMS in case anybody from Canada is wondering.

  7. PinkPanthress

    Hmm… this sounds so exotique to me… I need to try it. :)

    I have someone at home who won’t eat this if I put the cinnamon & vanilla in it… can I skip them or would that change the taste too much…?

    • Elise

      Just skip the vanilla and cinnamon if that’s an issue.

  8. k3v0

    i like to hit the sugar crust with a torch to really make it crisp and toast the pecans.

  9. Ashley

    Hey Elise, I was just curious do you actually use Sweet Potatoes or do you use Yams for this recipe? I have looked at several different recipes and people often call yams, sweet potatoes and mostly mean yams when they say sweet potatoes. My last attempt at a sweet potato pie I used a combination of both sweet potatoes and yams. It worked but I’m still wondering.

    Great question. Actually here in the U.S. what we call yams are orange-colored sweet potatoes. I use them interchangeably in cooking. ~Elise

  10. Deb

    The little sweet potato pies recipe is now posted here:


  11. BBQ Junkie

    My grandmother-in-law, who makes the best sweet potato pie, told me that the secret to her pies is “a lot of butter and a lot of sugar.”

    I have found that you can pretty much apply this secret to any dessert :)

  12. Deb

    Elise, if you had never had sweet potato pie, then probably you’ve never had “little” sweet potato pies (with the sweet potato filling placed inside a rolled out biscuit and folded over, sizzled in frying pan, sprinkled with 10x sugar, and eaten immediately.) Delicious.

    I just bought some sweet potatoes yesterday and plan to make these little pies. I will try and take a picture of them and put the recipe on my blog–hopefully in the next day or two. Thank you for the “big” sweet potato pie recipe.

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