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  1. Mary

    Is there a way I can substitute jalapeno(s) for green Anaheim chiles? Would like to make this without a trip to store! Thanks

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  2. Suzette

    Good recipe, although I skip the raisins. My filling ends up being whatever kind of rich chile I can make from what’s on hand, but it’s good to have a recipe to acknowledge in departure. I’ve had good luck making cooking the chili in a big, ovenproof pot, mixing up the cornbread batter (usually make it a little thin) and pouring it on top of the filling before putting it in the oven. Less cleanup and the result is crustier.

  3. Leeann

    Awesome a childhood favorite of mine too. Thanks!

  4. Linda O

    Great recipe! I soaked the raisins in apple juice in the fridge for about 15 minutes, they plumped nicely and added a nice sweetness to the pie.


  5. Cecilia Jackson

    Its was delish my family ate it all up in 1 day no leftovers. What an awesome dish to make.


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