No ImageTapioca Pudding

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  1. Sherri

    Thank you so much for explaining what to look for with each different type of tapioca and the range it time it could take. Made it so easy for me to figure out!!


  2. Lokelani

    Loved it, used 1/2 whipping cream & 1/2 2% milk to make it super Thick. It came out great. Also I did a coconut version using coconut cream and coconut whipping cream and it came out awesome. I used less vanilla but If you want to just have the coconut flavor omit the vanilla. I did both versions and it was so yummy it just disappeared.


  3. Cathy

    Perfect! None of the stores carry pearl tapioca; however, the local health food store carried Bob’s Red Mill small pearl tapioca.


  4. Sally B

    Tapioca is not the same as sago and doesn’t come from the same plant/root.

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  5. Dru

    Loved this! Will definitely make again. Didn’t last long ;-)


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