No ImageTapioca Pudding

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  1. Richard Slubowski

    Wonderful recipe. I usually get irritated by others who make changes and then complain about the results. However, this time I made one little change and I liked the result. I split the eggs into yolks and whites, beating the whites and adding at the last minute as you suggested. The only adjustment, was to add the zest and juice from one small lime. Delicious!!! True comfort food!


  2. mary ann

    BRING BACK CREMOLA PUDDING so I can have it alternating with TAPIOCA.
    iI thank you and Regards
    Mary Ann

  3. Kate

    Yum! My toddler and I just made this and it’s delicious! It reminded me of times my grandmother made it when I was a little girl. Thank you!


  4. [email protected]

    Just made it ….wow love it reminds me of being a kid


  5. Bob

    So many recipes are variations on the instant tapioca. This isn’t that. It is tapioca from scratch. It is forgiving – I forgot to add the sugar until late in the process. Yes it’s comfort food. Very comfortable


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