No ImageTarragon Corn Chowder

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  1. Stephanie

    Currently making and will have to wing it, but I have tiny Yukons–four is likely not enough. Any guess as to weight for your potatoes?

    Oh, I would say about a pound. ~Elise ~

  2. Anita

    This was incredibly tasty and a great addition to my recipe collection! I added turkey and also thickened it with a little cornstarch.


  3. Redd H from Salted Spoon

    This recipe is in my weekly roundup of the most inspiring recipes!

  4. Emily

    I tried boiling the corn cobs in the water first as you suggested, and by the end of the time, the water was all gone…there went my stock. I ended up making my own version with several changes (still using the cobs but boiling them along with the potatoes and uncooked corn all together-which was faster and still got the result). Loved the tarragon idea so I kept that as part of my soup. Check it out at

    If you simmered the cobs in a covered pot, the water should not have all evaporated. I would lower the heat to a simmer and make sure the cover you are using fits the pot tightly. ~Elise

  5. carmen

    I made this and substitued the fenel with diced red pepper (added at the end with corn) and cilantro instead of tarragon for more of a tex mex flavour. Also I don’t know if it was just a good bottle of wine but I added about an extra cup of it to the broth it just went so well!!!

    Very delicious and goes well served chilled on a hot summer day.

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