No ImageTempura Fried Calamari

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  1. Owen

    Great recipe! Didn’t have any sparkling water but put chilled water in the freezer to chill further whilst I prepared everything else along with a Greek salad.


  2. Jennifer Lucy Burnett

    Delish and light


  3. Precious Domingo

    I followed exactly your recipe and it didn’t came out great. It’s totally unseasoned. So i added more salt and added pepper to taste even better.

  4. Silvi N

    Just tried this recipe today and it was a hit!
    I followed the recipe’s quantities exactly and the batter was very watery so I thought about adding more flour but I resisted and I’m glad I did.
    The calamari was tender and delicious. Just a little bit of lemon is all we needed to make it pop and disappear from the table.
    I did pick up some tips from the comments here: used a wok to fry it. Much easier and safer than a deep pan. Also kept the batter bowl in an ice-filled bowl which helped keep it cold throughout the process. Also, I drenched the rings in some of the flour before coating them in the batter and it adheres very well. I will definitely say this batter does not work well for tentacles. I did fry them with it but it all fell off into the wok. They were still very tender and juicy.


  5. Helen

    Absolutely delicious. I just filled my wok with oil to do this. The batter was light and crispy and it took minutes to cook a great big batch. Went down a storm with my guests.


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