No ImageTexas Stacked Enchiladas with Corn and Black Beans

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  1. Mable Banks Green

    I am a former native of Alamogordo New Mexico and as far back as I can remember, we have always made our enchiladas as stacked. I am 82 yrs. old.
    Mable Banks Green

  2. Dick

    As far as the origin is concerned, they are similar in construction but different ingredients to the Huevos Motulenos served in the northern Yucatan peninsula and named after the town of Motul. Also Delicious!

  3. Autumn Perales

    As a Tex-mex native, they’re not called stacked enchiladas, they’re called enchiladas montadas and they’re topped with a fried egg. We don’t put beans or corn in them.

  4. WileyP

    I have seen stacked enchiladas served in Texas and also in Arizona. When they are on a menu, you will see them listed as “New Mexico Style” enchiladas. Why? Because they are indeed a New Mexico thing! As a New Mexican myself, I was not even aware that enchiladas could (or would) be served rolled until I was into my 20s and had moved out of state! flat enchiladas are among the top reasons why I retired back in New Mexico!

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  5. KJill

    My DH was just telling talking about how his mother made these strange stacked enchiladas when he was a kid. His parents had been stationed at an air base in Texas in the 1950’s. We lived in southern New Mexico for years and never saw these so he just wondered if it was a weird thing only his mother did. I don’t know what she put in them but there wouldn’t have been any chiles involved, black pepper is pushing it for her. We love ancho chile so I am excited to try this version for him.

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