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  1. Myla Sun

    Hi! I made a 2:1 ratio, and added dijon mustard and honey. How long will it lasts?

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  2. Marc Chambaud

    I am currently doing a set of videos and preparing a small cooking book for the chinese market about how to prepare a dressing and how to make various types of salad. It is very interesting as naturally I use this base for all my salad dressing(I am french so I guess this is part of my heritage). Thanks for the great info. I personally like a more sharp vinaigrette with a tomato based salad as somehow the tomato tend to reduce teh acidity sensation and if you like to sauce the dressign with bread this way it is usually delicious. with Carrot you can go extra healthy with just Shallots and lime juice. THIS IS DELICIOUS and 0% fat. to ruhlman. We usually let the dressing outside in a closed container so it does not solidify and if we put it in the fridge. we take the dressing out 15-30 min before the lunch/dinner time.

  3. Emile

    Dear Michael,
    I am sorry, but this is the classical recipe for the Gribiche sauce :

    chop the yellow part of an had-boiled egg in a bowl.
    add some drop of lemon juice or vinegar. it will dissolve this yellow part and make a paste (mash it with a fork). Use only the necesary quantity of lemon juice or vinegar to dissolve, so pour it drop by drop.
    At this very point, you can add Dijon mustard, but it is not necessary.
    Drizzle the oil in while whisking.
    You can add the chopped white part of the egg, then. And eventually herbs if you like.

  4. momio

    Made a tomato, fresh basil, olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt, dijon mustard, blk pepper vinaigrette. How long will this keep in my fridge?

    Probably just a few days, because of the tomato and fresh basil. ~Elise

  5. Michael Ruhlman

    Amy Scott: just let olive oil dressing sit out till room temp or give them a quick zap in microwave.

    avvikande: i wouldn’t use dried herbs in a vinaigrette. the quality varies and to me they taste stale. though you can use if you wish.

    And a good red wine vinegar works just as well!

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