No ImageThousand Island Dressing

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  1. Karen

    I don’t normally use Thousand Island dressing for salads, but making a cup with this recipe for Reubens was great. It was delicious!


    • Summer

      Hi, Karen! Reubens are the best! I’m so glad you liked our homemade Thousand Island dressing on them.

  2. M

    Thank you for the quick response to my question. I used Hellmanns in your recipe, and am patiently waiting to use it on my wedged salads tonight.

  3. M

    I’m a “first time” maker of homemade Thousand Island dressing and am anxious to make it according to your recipe. Therefore I want to use the correct ingredients. Here’s my question: You list Mayo in your recipe and I’ve seen jars in the store labeled specifically MAYO. In my pantry, I have the brands of Miracle Whip (a sweeter taste to my palate) and Hellmanns (a more tangy taste for me) but no MAYO. In your opinion, which of the two pantry items that I have would work best to create that sweet/tangy flavor?
    Thank you, in advance.

  4. Charlynn Yap

    May I know what ketchup to use? Can I use Heinz tomato kechup? Then do I use regular mayo or Japanese mayo?

    • Emma Christensen

      Hi, Charlyann! Emma here, managing editor for Simply Recipes. Yes, you can use Heinz ketchup, and I recommend regular mayo (such as Hellman’s). Hope that helps!

  5. Corinna

    Would you be able to substitute the mayo for non-fat Greek yogurt? I have done that with a honey mustard recipe with success. Thank you!

    • Summer

      Hi, Corinna! When I was developing this recipe, I tested a version with plain greek yogurt. It produces a sharp tang that we didn’t love, which doesn’t mean that you won’t, but we preferred the mayo version. Good luck!

    • Summer

      Hi, Corinna! You can substitute greek yogurt for mayo, but it will change the flavor. When I was developing this recipe I tested a version with yogurt, and we didn’t like it, which doesn’t mean that you won’t. For us, it threw off the balance of sweet and tangy we wanted in the dressing. Good luck!

  6. Judy McKee

    I think it’s great! It’s the same recipe that my Mother made but she added a cut up hard boiled (or two) eggs to it. I love it on a lettuce wedge. Thanks for your delish recipes.


  7. Lisa B

    This was perfect! I don’t like buying bottled dressings, but I had a craving for Thousand Island on my salad. I added just a teaspoon more ketchup. Never even occurred to me that the secret sauce in a Big Mac was Thousand Island. No wonder I love it!


    • Summer

      Hi, Lisa! I’m so glad you like the dressing! Thanks for letting me know.

  8. Lisa

    Thank you for this recipe! I have been making my own 1000 Island Dressing for years, and this recipe is pretty close to how I make it. I also add garlic powder, omit the salt, and instead of lemon juice, I use vinegar and enough sugar to get that ‘tang’. So much better than store-bought!