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  1. Linda

    What do I do with the dough if I am using a cookie stamp?

  2. Leslie Esmay

    My husband is Diabetic and loved the plane cookie. i will be making them in small batches from now on.


  3. Ron K

    I make various cookies for the season. This recipe was the best for thimble cookies I have come across, and I’m so grateful.


  4. Kelly M

    I made these tonight. I used the exact ingredients listed and followed the recipe steps exactly, and they came out amazing! The cookie is delicate and soft but sort of flaky-ish. They are just so good! I used strawberry preserves and boysenberry jam. I didn’t have any of the issues as others mentioned. *I chilled my dough just as the recipe said too.


  5. Irma elam

    How many does a batch make?

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