No ImageTip: Blender and Mason Jar

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  1. Erwin Arvidson

    A great blender. I am 82 years of age and in 1963 my mother gave me a gift of the Osterizer, same as pictured in this article. I made mostly smoothie breakfast drinks. My small “Mason” jar is made of quality heavy plastic and I used it for grinding my coffee beans among other uses; a few times I ground dry fenugreek seeds for making a poultice for wounds. I still have my Oster which I cherish and is still as good as new.


  2. Joel Blackwell

    If you can find any way to use a wide mouth jar please test it and post. Oster and others make blend and go containers, but I have been unable to find any safe, practical way to put a wide mouth jar on a blender of any brand. Would love to have an attachment and hope someone will craft one.

  3. Christopher

    Be careful… Oster used to promote this idea but stopped after law suits.

    The actual blender beaker is made of tempered glass. Canning jars are not. A canning jar can have a crack. You try this with a cracked jar, especially with hot liquids, and cablooey!

    Despite this caveat, I personally DO use canning jars with my very old Oster blender.


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  4. Laurie

    I guess I’m reviving this thread! I’m looking for a blender on eBay, which will work with wide mouth canning jars. It looks like yours does. Would you mind confirming that and if so, telling me what model Osterizer you have? The model number should be on the bottom. I prefer an older blender because I think they were made to last, unlike those made more recently. Thank you!

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  5. jessica

    I see that this is good for dry goods but what about to make smoothies. Are there any pressure issues with wet goods?

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