Toasted Turkey Cranberry Arugula Sandwich

Toasted turkey sandwich with arugula and cranberry. Many more turkey sandwich ideas from readers in the comments.


  • 2 slices French or Italian loaf bread, lightly toasted
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons mayonnaise
  • 1/2 teaspoon Dijon mustard
  • Several slices of cooked turkey breast
  • 2 tablespoons prepared cranberry sauce or cranberry relish
  • 1 handful of baby arugula leaves or watercress


Toast 2 slices of bread.

Spread mustard on one slice, mayo on the other.

To the slice with mustard, add the turkey breast, then the cranberry sauce, then the arugula leaves.

Top with the other slice of bread.

Cut in half.

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  • rlearly

    I really like turkey with cranberry and camembert. Especially if you heat it up and melt the camembert.

  • Eric

    There’s a German bakery/restaurant around here called Guglhupf that makes an incredible Turkey, Brie, and Cranberry Apple Chutney Panini. Not too difficult to make on your own, and just incredible.

  • ellison

    You can try a variation of turkey and cranberry with sprouts. I discovered these in Australia. Yum.

  • Stephanie

    Another yummy sandwich:
    -Turkey (smoked is delish)
    -Sourdough (or any other yummy bakery bread)
    -Brie cheese, sliced
    -Cranberry sauce or Rasberry jelly or currant jelly
    -mixed greens

    The turkey, brie, and berries taste fabulous together.

  • Hannah V.

    My favorite is nearly the same as Elise’s. This is the second year I’ve made your spicy cranberry sauce, and I’m so in love with it!

    So, I use that for the sauce, but replace the mustard with horseradish spread to get that kick. Sadly, no lettuce in the house, but its delicious nonetheless.

  • Sam

    The best turkey sandwich I ever had was from this tiny lunch place in Astoria, Oregon called “Langiappe”. My friend Sarah and I lived there for a sort period of time and would routinely have this sandwich for lunch. From what I know, it is no longer in business but my friend Sarah and I make this sandwich everytime we get together. Using leftover turkey (and ham for those who also cook one during Thanksgiving or Christmas) is ideal.

    Turkey Delight

    Halve a large croissant. Combine cream cheese and cranberry sauce for use as a spread. Spread over the croissant and top with turkey, ham, and a slice of muenster cheese. Add some red leaf lettuce and a slice of pineapple. Sounds a little odd, but I can tell you it is heavenly. I’ve made this sandwich on the tiny deli croissants to serve at a luncheon and they were devoured.

  • Jessica Wolfe

    The perfect left-over turkey sandwich is; bun, mayo, salt and pepper, cheese, BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, turkey, and dill pickles for crunch! TRY IT

  • Allison Doyle

    We all seem quite passionate about our turkey sandwiches! Here’s my personal favorite. Now I usually enjoy a little more “upscale” and healthy sandwich (for example whole grain breads, specialty mustards, etc.), but when it comes to turkey leftovers, this is my guilty pleasure! It’s turkey on white bread with mayo, yellow mustard, and lime-flavored tortilla chips. I never eat white bread, but we stayed with friends who deep-fried a turkey for us, and white bread was what they had in the house. The combination of the soft, slightly sweet white bread, the crunch and tangy saltiness of the lime-flavored tortilla chips, the creaminess of the mayo, and the slight bite of yellow mustard is a winning combination in my book! And, hey, it IS just once a year– ok, maybe twice… Christmas is coming!

  • Rhiannon

    Mmmm. I was just visiting my parents for thanksgiving and my dad took me to one of my favorite restaurants for one of my favorite sandwiches: turkey with brie and cranberry/tomato chutney on cranberry walnut bread. It is GREAT!

  • Susan

    A girlfriend makes THE most divine Turkey Hash Quesadillas with leftovers. Mix shredded or chopped turkey, sweet potatoes, and stuffing together, bind it with a bit of gravy if needed, mix in shredded Gruyere or Jarlsberg cheese. Spread a 8-inch flour tortilla with a generous amount of the mixture, top with a second tortilla and lightly spray each outside tortilla with cooking spray or olive oil. Place on a parchment paper covered baking sheet: bake at 350 until the mixture is heated through and the tortillas are as crisp as you like. Cut into quarters and use leftover cranberry sauce as your salsa. Dee-vine!

  • Rebecca

    I used your turkey recipe so the leftover breast was super moist; toasted cinnamon raisin bagel and added sliced extra-sharp cheddar cheese on one side, topped with chunky cranberry-orange chutney and the turkey, just a little salt and pepper. Unfortunately we didn’t have any lettuce or arugola but that would have been a good addition. It still tasted great.

  • Beth

    We always deep fry a turkey for Thanksgiving and we inject it with cajun spices for a little kick so this is the best left over sandwhich:
    Take French peasant bread or some sort of a crusty roll, put on mayonnaise, salt and pepper on both sides, then add turkey, lettuce, (we always have grilled or oven roasted tomatoes) so add either those or regular tomatoes, bacon, sprouts, cucumber, a little cranberry sauce and then the other slice of bread.

  • Josh
  • Amanda

    My favourite part about Thanksgiving….its the left-overs. My turkey sandwich is always open face. Gravy on the bread followed by cranberry sauce, turkey, stuffing, cheesy potatoes, and then more gravy all over the place. YUMMY! Being a starving college student away from home I’m going to miss my family’s Thanksgiving this year….sad! I’m going to miss out on my famous turkey left-over sandwich….which my family thinks I’m nuts for making, but they love it all the same. :D

  • jonathan

    Ditto on Heath’s T’Giving Dagwood. Gross? I think not!

    But I’ll take mine on a sub roll, all ingredients warmed, and don’t be skimpy with the gravy ;-)

    A little “schmear” of Miracle Whip or mayo never hurts it either…

  • alamobecky

    A good store sandwich bread (Sara Lee’s Homestyle Whole Wheat), turkey slices, jellied cranberry sauce, cream cheese and sprouts.

  • Elizabeth

    Ahhh… my favorite Thanksgiving leftovers. My turkey sandwich is only slightly different. I have an ancient hot sandwich maker – the kind that looks like a bi like a waffle iron and makes little toasted ‘pocket’ sandwiches.

    In the sandwich maker, I place sprouted wheat bread slices and layer on:
    stone ground dijon or stout mustard
    turkey slices
    a big spoonful of cranberry-orange relish
    a slice of havarti cheese
    a few spinach leaves

    It’s rich and decadent and I can’t wait to have one!

  • Heath

    The best turkey cranberry sandwich I ever had was a full-on Thanksgiving leftover Dagwood. My best friend introduced me to it; she piled on a slice of stuffing, gravy, turkey, and cranberry sauce on toasted whole wheat bread, with extra gravy on the side for dipping. It’s amazing! (The gravy and the slight sweetness of the wheat bread are really good together.)

    It sounds gross (and it’s horrifically caloric!) but it sure is tasty.

  • Margot Fulmer

    I suggest you try Mama Stamberg’s cranberry relish (see NPR for the recipe — Susan Stamberg posts it every year) instead of the cranberry, mayo, and mustard in your sandwich. Mmmmmmm!!! Since I started making Stamberg’s relish, I only use it with turkey (either hot or cold).

    Thank you for your recipes!