No ImageTomatillo Chicken Stew

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  1. Kelly McManus

    Definitely one of the best recipes I’ve ever made. I’ve been a chef for almost 10 years and I can easily say this is one of my favorites. The perfect amount of prep and cooking time as well. Can’t wait to make it at my next dinner. Thanks Simply Recipes


  2. Chad

    Easy and delicious. Put an extra batch in freezer. We served w corn tortillas vs rice


  3. Rachel Hendrickson

    I just discovered your blog with this recipe! I made the stew for a Sunday family dinner, and it was FABULOUS! I added a 7-oz drained can of fire-roasted Ortega diced green chilis to the Tomatillo Sauce because no one other than me can tolerate chili peppers; I used the fresh tomatillos broiled as you suggested and everyone raved that the sauce was so bright and fresh-tasting. I used chicken tenders and generously sprinkled epazote on them as well as kosher salt and black pepper before browning them whole; then I chopped the tenders up into 1/2″ pieces. This made the browning process much easier for me. In Step 4 I added 2 bay leaves to the browned chicken, tomatillo sauce etc and, as another reviewer suggested, served the stew over brown rice, with warm corn tortillas, and garnished with avocado slices and a cilantro sprig. Everyone voted this #1 fave for family Sunday dinners; but this week I’m trying your Tilapia with Olives, Mushrooms & Tomatoes and I’m betting it will be another winner. Thanks for your blog!


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  4. Kimberly

    I wish I would give this a 10! I made this today and omg! There are soooo many flavors. The recipe was easy to follow and my stew came out perfect. I used two jalapeños with the seeds and it was just the right level heat. GREAT recipe, thank you!


  5. LindaWood

    You’ve heard the term “Flavor Explosion”? Wow – I just tasted the stew to see if it needed anything. Nope. Nothing needed. Incredible flavor, perfect heat, just amazing. Thanks, Elise! I knew you would have some great ideas for my tomatillos! xoxo


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