No ImageTomato and Bread Soup (Pappa al Pomodoro)

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  1. Friedrich W O Vonostrowo

    Years ago I worked at an iron mine in Liberia and we were often served a soup much like this (although without the bread which I also leave out) and it was a favourite to everyone there, much better than the Cambell style of tomato soup and so easy to make. It was likely made with fresh tomatoes from French Guinea brought across the border daily.
    Just the best tomato soup ever!!


  2. Dawn

    Trader Joe’s has brought this tasty soup to the market. I know it’s a simple and delicious soup and thought to find it to make at home. Found this delicious recipe and from a fellow Sacto-Ian. Thank you it’s a great dish on a cold November night.


  3. Tim

    Bang on the very best Tom soup ever….added a bit of red “lazy chilli”……..


  4. Mike Benayoun

    I heard from an Italian friend that you should not put cheese on a pappa al pomodoro. Can anyone confirm?

    I just published the authentic recipe for this delicious soup. I used canned San Marzino tomatoes with mine. Delicious!

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  5. Amy Rodgers

    I don’t have day old bread. Will a loaf of very stale Italian bread be acceptable? (I save stale bread for bread pudding and bread crumbs)
    I’m anxious to make this!

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