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  1. john doe

    the tomato pie is litterally pizza in a pie plate


  2. Mike

    We absolutely love this recipe. I made it with the caramelized onions. We followed the prebake instructions on the box for the pie shell which came out perfect.

    This is going to be a favourite go-to recipe.


  3. Venice Mermaid

    All due respect to the original recipe. Here are my findings:
    I used a store bought crust. The temp for pre-baking should be 450* for 10 min.- ish. Chopped and salted the tomatoes for 1 hr (I was working from home so had the time} then squeezed them out in a couple layers of paper towels. Lots of juice left!
    I don’t like Tabasco so added a splash of chili powder and a dash of out local fav hot sauce.
    Like others said, it was greasy on top at the at the end, but if you rest a couple of paper towels on the top before serving, all that goes away.
    We loved it and will keep it in out fresh tomato rotation!

  4. Jamie E

    Have been trying to work through a case of some of the best home grown tomatoes on earth and gave this one a shot. First off I didn’t modify the recipe first time around, I don’t know why people do that then post a review, but made this as written with the caramelized onion suggestion to concentrate the flavor and remove the excess water from the onions.

    This recipe absolutely kills it. The textures and flavors just work perfectly. Needs very little seasoning when you have really good tomatoes and fresh basil, everything just speaks for itself in this dish. I admittedly was skeptical about using mayo as a binder, but it definitely works, and there’s no mayo taste in the final product. The only thing I would do differently is adjust the blind baking time on my crust, I underdid it a bit, but just one of those I know for next time changes.

    To the people who have grease issues, I’m betting you are using too much or a type of cheese that produces a ton of oil, like you’d commonly see on top of a pizza. Some brands and types are much worst than the same cheese from another brand. 50/50 sharp white cheddar and monterray jack was perfect for me, browned nicely, no oil whatsoever.

    Anyway, definitely a keeper. I don’t think I would try this with grocery store tomatoes, it really needs to be done with home grown ones IMO. Everything about this is good though.


  5. Kate

    So easy and delish


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